Saturday, November 21, 2009

Erik Buell chucks up his job at Harley, sets up independent race shop

With his new race shop, Erik Buell will strike to make sure his 1125R race bikes keep flying. Which is just as well because Buell and his bikes definitely deserve another chance...

Erik Buell, Chairman and CTO of the erstwhile Buell Motorcycle Company, has decided to leave Harley-Davidson and set up his own, independent motorcycle race shop. According to Harley, it suffered losses on the sale of Buell motorcycles for more than a decade, hence the recent decision to shut down Buell for good. Erik Buell however wants to make sure that those who bought Buell motorcycles to go racing remain in action in the foreseeable future.

‘I’m looking forward to helping Buell racers keep their bikes flying. We’ve got some exciting race development projects in the works and it will mean a lot to me personally to see Buell racers competing for wins and championships in the 2010 season and beyond,’ says Erik. ‘I’m pleased that Harley-Davidson is assisting Erik in establishing this business to continue supporting the racing efforts he has had so much passion for over the years. Harley-Davidson will always be proud of their affiliation with Erik, and we wish him well in this new endeavour to support Buell racers,’ adds Buell President and COO, Jon Flickinger.

Based in East Troy, Wisconsin, in the US, the new company – Erik Buell Racing – will specialize in the supply of race-use-only Buell motorcycle parts and race preparation services for engines and motorcycles, and the building and sale of Buell 1125R-based racing bikes, under license from Harley-Davidson. The company will also provide technical support for Buell race bikes.

We’re happy that the Buell name lives on and we’re quite sure that someday, one way or the other, Erik will also start making streetbikes again.

Erik Buell announces his new company...


Andrew said...

I wish I could share your enthusiasm but as far as I'm concerned road bikes is where it's at - some small shop supplying services to racers means big fat zero to me.

Still, here's to hoping Erik Buell didn't get too badly burnt by his experience with road bikes so far and this will be a seed from which a proper bike-manufacturing business might grow.. this time, free from HD's influence.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned race bikes is where it's at. Road bike's only purpose in life is to economically justify race development to satisfy those who wish to play at racing on the road. They then provide us racer's with cheap, slightly scratched, race parts. I wish Erik the best of luck with his new endeavor and hope that he is able to model his new company after Enzo Ferrari's original business. Ferrari was a race team that sold off race cars after the season was over to fund the next year of racing.

comfort_chaos said...

I agree this direction may not seem like it makes any sense, but I think for Eric, this is the only way forward. I'm hoping this is just a different way for him bring back Buell. Street bikes are where it's at, but I think anyone who hopes to makes a respectable sport bike MUST go racing.

Anonymous said...

let's hope he is better at supporting race bikes than making websites.


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