Saturday, November 21, 2009

Harley-Davidson enlist BNP Paribas to help with MV Agusta sale
The Harley-MV partnership got over before it started...
MV AgustaMV AgustaMV Agusta

Harley-Davidson have selected investment banking firm BNP Paribas to help them with selling MV Agusta. ‘MV Agusta is a highly desirable company for the right buyer. It has a proud heritage and strong brand, high-quality, exciting and beautiful products, and passionate enthusiasm on the part of its customers, employees and dealers. We are confident in our expectation that we will identify an appropriate buyer,’ says Harley-Davidson Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, John Olin.

While Harley-Davidson are trying to project that all is well at MV, nobody really seems to know if that is true. The beleaguered Italian manufacturer recently unveiled new F4 and Brutale bikes at this year’s EICMA Show in Milan, but minor differences in styling apart, these are essentially the same bike that MV have been offering for years. The company probably needs money – large amounts of it – for developing all-new bikes, which could include smaller, less expensive machines (sports 600s maybe?) in order to expand their customer base.

We absolutely love MV Agusta and their utterly beautiful, gorgeous machines. And we hope they find a buyer who can invest sufficient amounts of money into the company in order to strengthen its operations in a big way. After downing the shutters on Buell, we hope Harley won’t botch MV’s future as well…

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