Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mavizen TTX02 unveiled at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas

Instead of a V-twin, there's a lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor under that RC8 bodywork. The TTX02 will be built in limited numbers...

The UK-based Mavizen have unveiled the lithium-ion battery-powered TTX02 electric sportbike at the currently ongoing SEMA Show in the US. With chassis, suspension and bodywork from the KTM RC8, the TTX02 is a high-tech piece of work that weighs 110kg dry (without the batteries, which we’re sure are very heavy) and has a top speed of around 210km/h.

The TTX02’s on-board computer runs on the Linux operating system and features Wi-Fi Internet connectivity. No, you wouldn’t want to check your email at 200km/h, but the bike’s computer can easily be hooked on to your laptop and the accompanying software would then allow you to tweak most performance parameters. We suppose Mavizen would also supply firmware updates, which you would be able to download to the bike via that Wi-Fi connection…

Based on the TTXGP winning Agni X01, the TTX02 will be produced in limited numbers and is expected to cost about £25,000 in race-ready condition. Visit the Mavizen website for more details.

Watch the Mavizen TTX02 in action...

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Anonymous said...

" For people who think of motorcycles as dirty smelly things"

That succinctly defines their target market...Prius owners.


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