Saturday, November 21, 2009

Suzuki Katana 1100: Retro streetfighter done right!

Suzuki KatanaSuzuki KatanaSuzuki Katana
This has to be the coolest Katana ever...

Here’s one absolutely fabulous looking Suzuki Katana that’s been at the receiving end of an expensive, very well executed makeover. The UK-based Steve Adams, who owns this bike, seems to have spent a fortune on doing up this classic Suzuki from the 1980s, and it is money well spent.

The list of mods for Steve’s Katana is very long, but here’s a quick look at some of the more significant bits and pieces: 1,170cc Wiseco piston kit, gas flowed head, EFE 1100 cams with adjustable cam sprockets, Keihin 37mm carbs, titanium bolts throughout the engine and custom-built titanium exhaust system from Racefit.

The Katana’s front fork is from a K4 GSX-R750, rear shocks are Ohlins units and the brakes are a mix of components from a Yamaha R1 and Suzuki TL1000, with Brembo radial master cylinder and thumb-operated rear brake. The stock chassis has been heavily braced in all key areas for increased stiffness, the swingarm is from a Suzuki Bandit 1200 and the bike rides on 17-inch Dymag magnesium alloy wheels.

Performance specs aren’t available, but the Katana sure looks icy-cool and insanely lust-worthy. Good job, Steve!

Via Visual Gratification, Steve Adams


Anonymous said...

Beautiful :) I love the old Katana's. No bike has since quite got the same mix of muscle and looks that this did

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! thats my bike. I'm really glad you guys appreciate it.
Please don't think this is a cheque book special, far from it most items were sourced from mates or everyones favorite auction site. The total build including the original bike came in at around 6,000 gbp to put that in perspective thats about 3k less than a new r1, and its a one off and all mine!

h_t said...

Beautiful. Best Katana I've ever seen.

It has the perfect mix of mods. The classic Katana look is retained even though there are some major upgrades there.

hardboiled said...

I wish they'd bring this bike back. It has to be the most radical looking retro from the 80's.
I'd sell my house and mrs for one any day. But as for the owner of this one.... I'm jealous.

Sol said...

Steve ... if you can comment on the specs of the engine .. what do the mods deliver in terms of power & torque?

Anonymous said...

lovely,,,i want it

now my desktop pic!

love the racefit zorsts too


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