Thursday, December 03, 2009

BMW S1000RR goes to war against Japan Inc.

With the S1000RR, BMW are confident of being able to take on Japan's best...

BMW are so confident they will kick Japanese ass with their 193bhp-at-the-crank S1000RR that they’ve gone and declared all-out war against Japan. For this, BMW have commissioned a series of artwork that’s been created with the help of some photographs taken by Rene Neuman, which have then been worked upon by illustrator Frank Gräfe. And as you can see, all images depict some major aggression against the Japanese.

‘Japanese illustration is usually seen as either calligraphy or manga. Calligraphy is very formal, whereas manga is quite child-like and naïve. We decided to use a darker style – a fusion between ancient Japanese illustration and the more recent manga technique,’ says Gräfe, who used the Biomega technique to achieve the results you see here.

‘Over the period building up to the launch, we wanted to reach out to new audiences and the S1000RR versus Japan lifestyle project was a great way to engage with people through art, rather than just directly targeting motorcyclists,’ says Matthias Harbeck, creative director at Serviceplan, which has been responsible for executing this project.

‘We wanted to avoid the typical manga style, as it wasn’t aggressive enough to portray the personality of the S1000RR. Instead, we transformed the campaign into a darker comic world, with more speed and action, with the addition of traditional Japanese elements,’ adds Gräfe. ‘To create the initial visuals, I adopted traditional methods, such as normal black ink and paper. However, to convey the futuristic feel, I used computer imaging to create a collage of my drawings,’ he says.

Hmm… now all this artsy stuff is all very well but maybe BMW should be taking it a bit easy. After all, the Japs have been building hard-core high-performance litre-class bikes for ages, while BMW are just getting started, with the S1000RR. Now, it’ll be up to the S1000RR to walk the talk when it’s time to face off against the likes of the R1, Fireblade, ZX-10R and GSX-R1000. Otherwise, guess who’ll end up with so much ramen and sushi on their face...

The S1000RR looks good, no doubt...

Via Hell for Leather, BMW

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Suzuki GB announces limited edition GSX-R750

Special Edition 2010 Suzuki GSX-R750Special Edition 2010 Suzuki GSX-R750
The special edition GSX-R750 features a paintjob based on the 1996 GSX-R750...

Suzuki GB has announced a limited edition GSX-R750, only 25 units of which will be made available and orders for which will only be accepted online. This special edition GSX-R features a paintjob that’s based on the 1996 GSX-R750, a Yoshimura exhaust and an individually numbered commemorative top yoke plaque and certificate. ‘This is set to become one of the most sought-after GSX-R's ever produced,’ claims a Suzuki GB spokesperson. While we’re not too sure about that, those who may be interested in buying one can get more details on the official website here

In the meanwhile, there’s more action happening at Suzuki GB, who recently donated a special, one-off GSX-R to charity. This GSX-R1000 was originally built for Kevin Schwantz and be auctioned for charity later this month. Those interested in the auction can send an email to Kelly Neal on

Kevin Schwantz's Suzuki GSX-R1000
Kevin Schwantz's GSX-R1000 will be auctioned for charity in the UK...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

KTM RC8 takes on X-Bow, Audi R8

The KTM RC8 goes up against the KTM X-Bow. The audio is not in English but the video is still entertaining enough...

...and here, the KTM RC8 R takes on the V10-engined Audi R8!

Via Motoblog