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2010 KTM 990 Adventure R riding impression

The new KTM 990 Adventure R is a worthy competitor to the R1200GS...

For those who seek ‘adventure’ on two wheels, the KTM 990 Adventure has always been a brilliant choice. For 2010, KTM have added an ‘R’ suffix to the machine, tweaked the suspension and tuned the engine, which now makes 10 more horsepower. Motociclismo recently tested the bike and here are some excerpts from what they say about the 990 Adventure R:

KTM have improved the 990 Adventure, and the R version has 115 horsepower compared to the 105bhp of the standard 990. Suspension travel has also been increased and the R has a seat height of 915mm, compared to the standard version’s 860mm.

Looking at things from a different angle, the 990 Adventure R could well take on bikes like the Pan European or K1300LT in terms of being ideally suited to travelling long distances. While most big GT bikes cost around 19,000 euros, the 990 R costs closer to 14,000 euros and offers a wider range of capabilities. The KTM will not only let you tour on road, but will also keep going rough terrain, where conventional GT bikes simply can’t go.

Once you’ve managed to clamber on, the 990 R’s riding position feels royal – the seat is very comfortable and the wide handlebars feel just right. On the move, the fuel-injected engine is incredibly smooth and the fairing offers very good wind protection. Also, the 20-litre fuel tank allows you to travel almost 400km before you need to re-fuel.

The 990 R’s instrumentation is quite comprehensive and this year, KTM have also included an anti-theft system with a specially coded key for each bike. The fully adjustable WP suspension has been re-tuned and now has more travel front and rear. It’s also softer and more sensitive in the first few millimetres of its movement, which helps while riding over gravel and minor bumps and breaks on tarmac.

The new bike’s engine is clearly more responsive than its predecessor’s unit, with the extra 10bhp making its presence felt between 8,000-9,500rpm. The Brembo brakes are very effective and grip, from the bike’s Pirelli Scorpion tyres, is never an issue. The bike rides on a 21-inch front wheel and weighs 207kg dry, but its handling belies the big KTM’s size and weight. On twisty, broken tarmac, the 990 Adventure R could outpace many sportsbikes…

As an adventure grand tourer, the KTM 990 Adventure R is a worthy competitor to the BMW R1200GS. With more capable suspension and more power from the engine, the new 990 is a true go-anywhere machine with a very wide range of capabilities. It’s not just about the Dakar Rally or a National Geographic story – the KTM really does encourage you to go out and look for ‘adventure’ any which way you want.

2010 KTM 990 Adventure R: Tech Specs

Engine: 999cc, DOHC, 8-valve, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin
Power: 115bhp@9,500rpm
Torque: 100Nm@6,500rpm
Transmission: Six-speed
Chassis: Steel tube trellis frame
Front suspension: 48mm USD fork, 265mm travel, three-way adjustable
Rear suspension: Three-way adjustable monoshock, 265mm travel
Brakes: Twin 300mm discs (front), single 240mm disc (rear)
Wheels: 21 inch (front), 17 inch (rear)
Tyres: 90/90-21 (front), 150/70-17 (rear)
Fuel tank capacity: 19.5l
Dry / wet weight: 207kg / 230 kg

Average fuel consumption: 6.4 litres/100km
0 to 100km/h: 4.2 seconds
0 to 1000m: 23 seconds

For the original article, please visit Motociclismo


Anonymous said...

I wonder who wrote this article and how they get almost 400km range with 20 litre tank..? Average fuel consumption on this bike is 7litres/100km. If you have fun you need to fill it up every 200-240km

paul said...

I have a 2011 990R and I get all most 200 miles to a tank

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