Friday, January 29, 2010

Bosch’s motorcycle ABS wins Yellow Angel award from ADAC

Bosch motorcycle ABS
Bosch's motorcycle ABS - a big step ahead in promoting safety for motorcyclists...

Bosch, which has developed the world’s smallest, lightest anti-lock braking system (ABS) for motorcycles, has won the ‘Gelber Engel’ (yellow angel) award from Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. (ADAC), Europe’s largest automobile club and biggest motorcycle association in the world. The award has been given out in recognition of the system’s potential for improving road safety for motorcyclists.

Bosch’s ninth-generation ABS for motorcycles allows various levels of performance and can be optimised for different applications, including sportsbikes. At 0.7kg, this ABS variant weight about half as much as its immediate predecessor.

‘Our entry-level ABS is by far the most compact system in the market. Its cost-optimised design makes ABS affordable for all classes of motorcycle for the first time,’ says Dr Werner Struth, president of Bosch’s Chassis Systems Control division.

Bosch has been manufacturing brake control systems for motorcycles since 1994. And while earlier ABS modules were based on passenger car technology, engineers at the Bosch competence centre in Japan have now designed a new ABS specifically for motorcycles. This system went into production in November last year.

While ABS is widely recognised as one of the biggest, most important advances in motorcycle safety, only about 10% of new motorcycles currently manufactured in Europe are equipped with this life saving technology. Worldwide, the figure is still lower – a dismal 1%. By way of comparison, the figure for passenger cars fitted with ABS worldwide has now reached 80%.

In Europe, the risk of being involved in a fatal accident when riding a motorcycle is 20 times greater than when driving a car, for the same distance travelled. In this context, the use of ABS on motorcycles should be an absolute must.

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