Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Casey Stoner: “We’re going out to win the championship this year”

Stoner thinks he can win the MotoGP championship this year. While that may or may not happen, we'll be cheering for The Doctor as usual...  

Casey Stoner seems to be reasonably confident of winning the 2010 MotoGP world championship. ‘I’m feeling better than I have in the last three years. My training levels have increased dramatically and my fitness is a lot higher than ever. We’re really looking forward to this year and are going out to win the championship,’ says Casey, in an interview on

‘At the last test in Valencia we tried the new engine configuration, and really loved it. We had lots more traction and were able to do more with the bike. We think that’ll help us on the track and make the bike more balanced throughout the season,’ says Stoner.

While Casey is bullish is on his chances of winning the 2010 MotoGP world title, he knows who he must beat in order to be able to do that. ‘Obviously, Valentino’s the one to beat. He’s won the championship the last two years in a row now,’ he says. ‘Sometimes Valentino can be very fast in a weekend and struggle in the race a little bit. Other times you think he’s struggling and in the race he will do very well. Jorge is sometimes a little easier to understand. When things aren’t going well for him throughout a weekend it normally doesn’t improve for the race. He’s often very strong throughout the weekend and that continues into the race. They’re both very different and that’s how you have to approach them,’ adds the Aussie rider.

Well, there’s still about three months left to go before the 2010 season starts. And Stoner or no Stoner, we’ll still be rooting for Valentino ‘The Doctor’ Rossi, so bring it on…!


DFH said...

Quote "We'll still be rooting for Valentino" No that will make Casey laugh... rooting is Australian slang for coitus.

Jules said...

yeah, but guess who'd be laughing when stoner's 'rooted' in the end? come on 'moit,' seven motogp world championships as against one. we all know who's kind... ;-D

Andrew Paes said...

The thing is, Casey is a dour-face who whines and bitches and who acts like a pompous ass when he loses. Rossi is a champ and he BEHAVES like one. He's also done more than any other rider to promote MotoGP.

Tomorrow, if Casey walks away from MotoGP he will not be missed. If Rossi goes away, he'll leave a massive void in the sport.

Stoner is just a small cog in the sport. Rossi is Mr MotoGP himself.

Anonymous said...

Rossi is now probably past his prime. He was a great champ, no question about that, but 2010 will a battle between Stoner and Lorenzo. And I'm betting both Rossi and Stoner will be rooted by Lorenzo! ;-D)

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