Tuesday, January 26, 2010

James Toseland: ‘Lorenzo comes across really arrogant and cocky…’

James Toseland says he dislikes Jorge Lorenzo's arrogance...

Two-time WSBK world champ James Toseland, who raced for the Yamaha Tech3 MotoGP team in 2008 and 2009, returns to World Superbikes this year aboard a Yamaha R1. With the 2010 WSBK season starting next month, the British rider is all set to try and win his third championship in the series, which seems to have gathered a lot of momentum in recent years.

‘Even in MotoGP, I always went out to win – that’s how I am programmed to be. There's nobody out there that I believe can do better on a bike than I can, and I think that any professional sportsman needs to have that self belief,’ said James recently, in an interview done by IoM Today. ‘Luckily, I have always retained those thoughts, even during the tough times. It makes me believe even harder in myself so I have got to keep pushing,’ he says.

Asked about what he thinks of MotoGP’s top two, however, James makes it clear that he dislikes Jorge Lorenzo’s arrogance. ‘On TV, Lorenzo annoys me like hell as he comes across really arrogant and cocky. I dislike arrogance and cockiness in people and he's got that coming out of ears when he's got his helmet on,’ says James. ‘But once the helmet is off, he's quite a shy, reserved kid and a nice bloke,’ he adds.

‘Rossi is a comical, fun character, as portrayed on TV – it’s not an act. Obviously, he does put a show on for the cameras but at the end of the day we are all showmen and I think MotoGP has really benefited from having a character like Valentino,’ says James, talking about The Doctor. ‘The nice thing is when he comes off the track he's really similar and a nice, genuine, bubbly guy. His record speaks for itself, a nine-time world champion; he's one of the best riders of all time,’ says James.

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MotoGP has benefited from having a guy like Valentino, says James...

...and while we definitely agree with James about Jorge coming across as a bit too arrogant and cocky at times, these pics of him aren't too bad. But that's only because of the hot chick, of course...
Lorenzo's pics: MotoGP
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