Saturday, January 16, 2010

Motus MST-01 sports tourer bets big on GDI tech

Motus MST 01Motus MST 01
Motus MST-01 vs Honda VFR1200F? Bring it on then...

The V4-engined Motus MST-01 sports tourer seems to be getting closer to production reality. Motus are proud of the fast that the bike has been engineered in Michigan and designed and built in Birmingham, Alabama, in the US. The bike’s 1,650cc liquid-cooled V4 has been designed by Katech, whose claim to fame seems to be that they’re the ones who developed the Chevy Corvette Z06’s 500-horsepower engine.

Among other things, the Motus MST-01’s engine features gasoline direct injection (GDI) technology and high-speed digital fuel-injection, which is supposed to offer significant power and performance benefits over regular engines. (You can read more about this technology here)

What we find interesting is that Motus are pitching their sports tourer against nothing less than the Honda VFR1200F. The fledgling American company believes its 140bhp V4 – with only two valves per cylinder but with added benefits of GDI tech – will be able to take on the big VFR and, of course, other high-tech sports tourers from various Japanese and European companies.

With its triangulated tubular steel chassis, chain drive, high-spec suspension, integrated luggage carrying capacity and that all-new V4 engine, the MST-01 should be an interesting motorcycle. We just hope it will actually deliver what it promises when it’s launched later this year…

Will the Motus MST redefine the sports-tourer segment in North America...?

Via Cycle World, Motus


Bill Burns said...

This is awesome! Finally, something from the US that I would at least consider. If that engine sounds like it looks and the bike looks half decent, I'm in. I saw that the bike should be around $30k, which is steep, but I have almost that much in my BMW. Go Motus!

Andrew said...

Something different for sure, and I wish them the best of luck. But personally I would be more interested in something smaller and cheaper. 1.6l engine? 1,000cc would do me just fine - yes, I mean for touring applications. I've toured in cars powered by engines smaller than 1.6l and it was plenty enough...

GDI looks like a useful technology, but put in a bike smaller than a tractor and at least remotely affordable - and I'll be all over it.

eugene said...

Obviously beautiful styling, except the hard luggage which could use a little more work (style & allowances for the 2nd person). @ $30, it's not for Americans it's for elites... the grey-haired or lucky. The reason the Japanese are successful, is they aim at the young and what the young could afford. I ride a Harley, I have grey-hair, my young brother calls it a 'grandfather' bike because the only riders you see on Harleys on the streets are grandfathers.


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