Friday, January 15, 2010

Nicky Hayden, on choosing between Megan Fox and Kevin Schwantz…

Megan Fox or those two-stroke 500s from the early-1990s? Life is full of tough choices... :-D

In an interview done by Gaber Kerzisnik for Superbike Plant, 2006 MotoGP world champ Nicky Hayden has spoken of one of the most difficult choices a man can ever make – watching Megan Fox on one TV channel vs watching 500cc motorcycle GP races from the early 1990s on another! ‘Man, this is not fair. This is too tough. Oohhhh man, I don’t know. Definitely I would not miss the race, especially with Schwantz, Rainey and all the old guys, but Megan Fox...,’ says Nicky. ‘Okay, I have the solution. I would bring up my computer, watch the race on TV and Megan Fox on my computer. Even if it was just a picture of her…,’ he adds.

Of course, Nicky will have more than just Ms Fox to contend with later this year. With Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner, Pedrosa and Spies in the fray, 2010 can’t possibly be a cakewalk for the former MotoGP champ. However, when asked to name his toughest competitor ever, Nicky says it’s Rossi. ‘I have had a lot them, especially during my younger dirttrack days. But if you think of my GP career, then that answer is Valentino Rossi. No doubt. He is the winner of so many races, he has won nine championships, and he is so strong. Much stronger than anybody else...,’ says The Kentucky Kid.

Get Hayden’s full interview on Superbike Planet here

2010 just might be Hayden's toughest year ever...


Andrew said...

Maybe it's time somebody told Nicky about TiVo?

Sergio Fernando Correia Nunes Filho said...

The 2 chices are tough! But the ladies come first, remenber!


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