Sunday, February 28, 2010

British Beef: 250km/h Kawasaki ZX-12R trike

With 180bhp from the Kwacker inline-four, 250km/h can't be too hard...

Featured in Trike magazine, the UK-based Simeon Hill’s three-wheeled creation is based on a 2001 Kawasaki ZX-12R. It features a push-button gearshift system, Akrapovic exhaust, modified axle and differential from a Ford Sierra, custom-built frame and various other trick bits and pieces. The 17-inch rear wheels wear 235 x 50 rubber and the trike is capable of hitting a top speed of around 250km/h.

‘I built this trike to handle. I have turned a few heads and surprised many sportsbike riders on twisty Yorkshire and Lincolnshire roads,’ says Hill. ‘It’s taken me on local jaunts, weekend trips and longer trips around Europe, not only keeping up with my friends’ sportsbikes but also giving them a good run for their money,’ he adds.

The trike is currently up for sale – those who may be interested in buying it can call Simeon on 07704 418750

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