Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Honda 3R-C concept to be unveiled at the Geneva Show

Honda 3R-CHonda 3R-CHonda 3R-C
The Honda 3R-C concept. We hope this is not what the future's going to be...
Honda 3R-CHonda 3R-C

Honda will unveil the 3R-C electric three-wheeler concept at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The 3R-C has been designed as a single-occupant zero-emissions urban runabout and, according to Honda, it ‘draws on Honda’s vast working knowledge of vehicles utilising electric motors.’ Ahem.

The Honda 3R-C concept was created by European designers working at Honda’s research and design facility in Milan. We miss the days when Honda used to make bikes like the RC30 and RC45 and when its concept bikes used to be machines like the NR750

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78SS said...

This is nothing more than a electric wheelchair. Honda please fire the appliance designers and start making some proper bikes like you used to.

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