Monday, February 01, 2010

Lambretta to return to 125cc motorcycle world championship racing

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Lambretta will make a comeback to top-flight racing after almost 60 years...

Legendary Italian brand Lambretta, which is expected to launch an all-new range of scooters (and motorcycles?) this year, is also making a comeback to motorcycle racing. Their racing team – Lambretta Reparto Corse – will participate in this year’s 125cc world championship. The last time Lambretta went racing at this level was in the early-1950s, when the V-twin-engined Lambretta 250 GP racer competed in the 250cc world championship.

Lambretta Reparto Corse will operate out of Engines Engineering’s workshops in Bologna, Italy. ‘It’s is a wonderful day for Lambretta and one we’ve been working towards for nearly two years. We’re delighted to be back on the racetrack and to compete in such an exciting and expanding sport. It’ll be fun to compete with the big boys and see what happens,’ says Lambretta’s marketing director, John Scully.

Scully added that Lambretta sees its involvement in racing as a way for its technical people to develop better products for the street.


Anonymous said...

Well Lambretta did have a 250cc v-twin racing bike in the early 1950s but it was a flop and did not get as far as any MotoGP events. The program was canned in 1953.
The only connection this has with Lambretta is the name and presumably some sponsorship. The newly-renamed "Lambretta" bikes were raced last year under the Loncin name - presumably they withdrew their money. I heard that the engines were made by Aprilia.
A bit difficult to see how this will help to make better scooters...

Anonymous said...

It will make better paint schemes and stickers for their Chinese mopeds that they import and they are not Lambretta scooters.

The Lambretta ended with the GP200 / 200 dl scooters and it's now just an iconic name, a marketing scheme.

The real Lambrettas still dominate scooter racing as you can see here at Donnington Park MotoGP track :)

Anonymous said...

How come they can trade as lambretta I was under the impression that SIL (scooters India limited) owned the rights to that name as they bought the factory lock stock and two smoking barrels and moved it to india

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