Thursday, February 18, 2010

School’s Cool: Prototype bike with hubless rear wheel

bicycle with hubless wheelbicycle with hubless wheel
That hubless rear wheel looks totally fascinating...
bicycle with hubless wheelbicycle with hubless wheel

A bunch of mechanical engineering students at the Yale University have made the very cool bicycle you see here. It isn’t very well balanced and it isn’t very practical, but that hubless rear wheel sure makes it very, very cool indeed. In the past, people have experimented with using hubless wheels on motorcycles as well, though these experiments were probably less than successful.

Hubless wheels might not be the most practical thing for bicycles / motorcycles, but we still find them quite fascinating anyway. For more details on the bike you see here, visit its creators’ Reddit page here

Via TreeHugger

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Dave said...

That thing must weigh a ton! I see no advantage to this. If the idea is to eliminate spokes, you could use a disc wheel or a lower spoke count composite wheel. Bicycles are very hard to improve on. That isn't to say that there isn't room for improvement, but they are pretty darn simple! I have ridden and raced and worked on bikes for a long time and the areas where there is room for improvement that I see involve making things simpler, not more complex.

Dave said...

I meant to add: KUDOS on the prototype!!! I know a LOT of work must have gone into that! Good job!

Stratosmrcka said...

changing the inevitable flat tire should be fun.

very cool though.

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