Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Zero S, DS, X and MX announced

Zero SZero S
Of the bunch, this - the Zero S - looks like the most interesting option to us...
Zero SZero SZero S
Zero SZero SZero S

Self-proclaimed leaders in the electric motorcycle industry, Zero Motorcycles have announced their 2010-spec Zero S, DS, X and MX bikes. ‘With added power, increased acceleration, and enhanced power pack technology, Zero Motorcycles is continuing the innovation it's known for and taking electric motorcycle technology to the next level,’ says a press release from the company.

The street-oriented Zero S, the dual-sport Zero DS and the off-road X and MX bikes are all fitted with lithium-ion ‘Z-Force’ battery packs. Zero claim they’ve made the bikes’ electric motors lighter and more compact and improved cooling, which results in more power, improved acceleration and improved durability.

While the four bikes are fitted with different suspensions components, they’re all fitted with the same battery/electric motor, which produces 23 horsepower and 68Nm of torque. Range is about 80km, top speed is 105km/ and the batteries take less than four hours for a full recharge. Prices range between US$7,500 for the Zero X to $9,000 for the Zero S.

Of the four bikes here, we do think the Zero S is vaguely interesting, but when it comes to style, lust-worthiness and the price-vs-performance equation, it does seem electric bikes have a long, long way to go before they catch up with their IC-engined brothers. In any case, for more details on the 2010 Zero range, visit the official website here

Zero DSZero DSZero DS
The 2010 Zero DS
Zero DSZero DS

Zero MXZero MXZero MX
The 2010 Zero MX
Zero MXZero MXZero MX

Zero XZero XZero X
The 2010 Zero X


Jim N said...

Utter crap! You'd look like a complete dork riding any one of these bikes. A used CBR600 would be so much better and far more practical.

Arshad said...

The styling is from the 1970s, the technology simply isn't ready to go mainstream yet. Which is why bikes like the Zero do not make sense. That said, this is the future and make no mistake about that. 10 - 15 years from now, we'll all be riding electric bikes and scooters.

Anonymous said...

9,000 bucks for a bike that does 100km/h top speed, runs out of juice after 80km and then needs four hours to get going again? Better you than me.

A sucker is born every minute...

Ralf1977 said...

The specs prove that these bikes aren't quite ready just yet. These can't be for serious motorcyclists. An 80km range and 105km/h top speed simply can't cut it in the real world. Zero and other e-bike manufacturers need to work long and hard to bring down prices and improve power, speed and range. Tall order? You bet your ass. But that's the way it is.

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