Friday, March 12, 2010

Brand-new Honda NR750, RC30 to go on display at Stockholm dealership

A brand-new NR750 comes out of the crate for the first time, two decades after it was built. Could this really be happening...?!

Most people would find it very hard to believe that after all these years, someone, somewhere, could still have a brand-new, unused Honda NR750 and RC30 stowed away in their basement. And yet, Bent Gunnarson, who owns a motorcycle warehouse in Stockholm, Sweden, does have both of these legendary motorcycles, which he kept in his basement for the last two decades. The bikes were taken out of their original boxes only recently and will now be put on display at a Honda showroom in Stockholm.

Buying an RC30 and an NR750 and keeping them locked away in a basement is something we simply can’t understand. To own motorcycles like these and not ride them, touch them, look at them for 20 years is just plain weird… and a bit sad.

Anyway, what’s next we wonder? Maybe Mr Gunnarson also has an RC45 locked away somewhere…? :-D

Via Hell for Leather

Some pics of the Honda NR750...

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Anonymous said...

I know someone here in Reno that has a RC45 in the crate and a RC30.

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