Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buell 1125R-based Magpul Ronin looks magnificent!

Magpul RoninMagpul Ronin
The Buell 1125R-based Magpul Ronin looks totally cool...
Magpul RoninMagpul RoninMagpul Ronin

The Colorado, US-based Magpul have taken the Buell 1125R and transformed it into an intensely stylish, lust-inspiring sportsbike – the Ronin. An ‘experimental motorcycle project,’ the Ronin is Magpul’s vision of what the 1125R could have been.

The Magpul Ronin, according to its creators, pays homage to classics like the Vincent Black Shadow and to the cafĂ© racer and streetfighter cultures that so heavily influence its design. The bike’s most noticeable feature is its girder-style fork which, according to Magpul, has led to improvements in rigidity and tunability, and which provides a lighter and more responsive feel up front. And while that might be, we quite like the way it looks, along with the front-mounted radiator and the headlights that have been integrated into the girder fork.

The Magpul Ronin, which weighs about 22kg less than a stock 1125R, is currently an ongoing project and more changes may be incorporated into the bike as the project develops further. Also, there is no word on whether Magpul will ultimately produce a small batch of these bikes for those who may be interested in buying the Ronin. Either way, we have to say we love the way this bike looks. Very cool indeed!!

Magpul RoninMagpul RoninMagpul Ronin

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QSV said...

wow, that rates as my fav buell EVER... hmmm i want one.

Bruno said...

Buell meets Confederate. :) BMW probably has a better performing alternative front end with its Duolever, but I still think this looks very cool. And the lights in the the fork are a great tribute to Buell's 'multifunctional parts' design philosophy. I really love alternative engineering. But the too exclusive Confederate and Bimota aside, BMW seems to be the only major bike manufacturer who has come up with a viable answer to the telescope. It would be great if private initiatives like this could wake up the others...

pez said...

wow! i'd change my xb for one like this anyday!

These guys definately understood the concept of a buell, massive and minimalist

I love it <3

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