Monday, March 01, 2010

MotoCzysz launches p-n-p 100bhp electric powertrain

The new MotoCzysz electric powerpack could represent a whole new chapter in the evolution of the street-ready electric sportsbike...

The reasonably affordable, production-ready electric superbike – one that offers performance that’s comparable to regular IC-engined sportsbikes, at a less than stratospheric price – seems to be on its way to reality. And the surprising thing is, rather than mainstream Japanese and European manufacturers, it’s the much smaller, independent companies that seem to be doing most of the development work in this area.

MotoCzysz have now unveiled their plug-and-play electric powertrain – the MotoCzysz Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve System – which is priced at US$42,500. ‘For individuals, teams and companies interested in building a high performance electric motorcycle, the new MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve system is the most advanced integrated electric drive system available,’ says a press release from the company.

With this powertrain, anyone with the requisite expertise can pick and choose chassis and suspension components from the huge selection available on the motorcycle aftermarket, and build their own electric racebike or perhaps even street-legal electric sportsbike. The liquid-cooled MotoCzysz electric drive system includes an advanced 240V electric motor that produces a continuous 100bhp and 340Nm of torque, a high-tech controller with multiple maps for tweaking the motor’s power delivery and a hot-swappable Lithium-Polymer battery pack.

For now, the MotoCzysz e-drive system is aimed at teams that want to go racing in the TTXGP series and / or FIM’s electric bike racing series. But the real excitement, for us, lies in the possibility of an independent, small volumes manufacturer using this e-powertrain to create a street-legal superbike that can take 600cc and bigger sportsbikes. It won’t happen tomorrow and the cost-versus-performance ratio is likely to remain skewed in favour of regular IC-engined sportsbikes in the foreseeable future. Still, this could represent a whole new chapter in the evolution of the electric superbike.

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