Monday, March 08, 2010

Motorcycles in Music: The best videos ever

What better way to make music than with 180bhp superbikes? Here's a selection of some of the best, coolest music videos with motorcycles in them. Rock and roll, baby...

Ruff Ryder's Anthem, by DMX

Unity, by Queen Latifah

More than a woman, by Aaliyah

Speak, by Godsmack

Stuntin' like my Daddy, by Lil Wayne

I'm so paid, by Akon

99 Problems, by Jay-Z

If you liked these, you may also want to watch There you go, by Pink, and I can transform ya, by Chris Brown. These videos are not available for embedding, hence the YouTube links.

This list was compiled by Super Streetbike magazine

3 comments: said...

forgot Kimnotized-Lil'KIM +Dj tommek

Anonymous said...

You are kidding right? Best Music videos with Mototcycles. Search again you can do better I think.

lasermax said...

I'll take Godsmack all day long. You can have the rest.

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