Friday, March 05, 2010

Nelis 1000R: Suzuki TL1000R-based Special from the Netherlands

Nelis 1000R
Top, from left: Nico Bakker and Mathijn Nelis with the Nelis 1000R...
Nelis 1000RNelis 1000RNelis 1000R

It’s funny how some things work out. Yesterday we wrote about a Suzuki TL1000S-based streetfighter from the US, and today we have a TL1000R-based special from the Netherlands! The bike has been built by one Mathijn Nelis, who worked with the famous motorcycle chassis specialist Nico Bakker to create this machine, which he’s named the Nelis 1000R.

‘It was never the plan to build a complete motorcycle. I thought I’d build a frame and rear swingarm and use standard bodywork from other bikes. Nico still had a new TL1000R engine and loads of spare parts in stock, so the choice was easy,’ said Mathijn, when we asked him why he chose a Suzuki TL as the base for the Nelis 1000R.

I realy liked the curved lines on the Kenny Roberts' flattracker – that was my biggest source of inspiration while building the bike. It was all about being different from the others. This was my first bike and I had an open mind. I took Nico’s help and asked him a lot of questions. Effectively, I worked a full year to master the basic craft of bike building,’ says Mathijn.

We asked Mathijn if he prefers naked bikes over fully-faired ones and he tells us he likes both. ‘I can't really choose. I really like a nice fully-faired bike like the new special edition GSX-R, but a nicely built naked, with well crafted parts on it, I find just as interesting,’ he says.

‘Bikes will get better, cheaper and more beautiful every year. CAD is taking over the whole design and engineering process. Complex forms are getting easier to produce, so production bikes are getting closer to prototypes, which I believe is a good thing,’ says Mathijn.

Mathijn will soon start work on creating a replica of the BMW Lo Rider concept bike and to finance his next project, he’s looking to sell the Nelis 1000R. He’s asking for 40,000 euros for the bike and those who may be interested in buying it can visit his website for more details, or write to him on

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Yes, the Nelis 1000R looks good to us...
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Anonymous said...

very cool indeed. suzuki should build something like this rather than that stupid gladius.

Nathan_M said...

Why does Mathijn want 40,000 euros for the bike? The Nelis looks all right but doesn't seem to have anything in the way of making it worth that much money.

George said...

To be very honest, I'd say the original TL1000R actually looked better than the Nelis 1000. The Nelis looks like a mish-mash of Suzuki's parts bin.

No offense but, Mathijn, old boy, you'll have to try a bit harder next time... :-)

Anonymous said...

For 40,000 euros, wouldn't you rather have a brand-new Ducati Streetfighter? :-O

HeavyDuty said...

Well done Mathijn - a nice piece of work. IMO, anyone who would rather have an off the rack bike instead of this ride, obviously misses the point of owning a one-off M/C. A lot of welding sparks flew and a lot of shavings were swept off the lathes and floor in order to produce this machine. The frame is a work of art. Nikko Bakker is a historical legend in the racing community. Any squid can walk into the local dealer and buy a TL1000 or Ducati but not everyone can ride a unique, hand-built motorcycle and that's worth a lot to many m/c enthusiasts.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make much sense heavyduty. If any squid can grab an off the shelf Ducati or Suzuki, then why cannot that same person, with enough money, get this one-off? While it is certainly nice, I'm with the other guys, in that it doesn't seem worth quite that much to me.

Anonymous said...

looks great, but 40k euros - you could build your own for less, and have it uniquely yours.

still, some muppet will buy it - thats probably what he's aiming at.

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