Friday, April 09, 2010

AC Schnitzer S1000RR: Avoid Silence!

AC Schnitzer S1000RRAC Schnitzer S1000RR
The AC Schnitzer S1000RR is here...
AC Schnitzer S1000RRAC Schnitzer S1000RRAC Schnitzer S1000RRAC Schnitzer S1000RR

‘Avoid silence – the phrase perfectly describes the BMW S1000RR. With its loud roar, it has turned the superbike world inside out,’ says a blurb on the AC Schnitzer website. Umm… yeah, well, we love the S1000RR too! :-)

Anyway, the German tuning house has got its hands on BMW’s latest and the result is the AC Schnitzer S1000RR, which gets a Schnitzer exhaust system, black handlebars, new brake fluid reservoir, crash pads and Schnitzer brake and clutch levers (fully adjustable) that are made of aerospace-grade aluminium.

‘The S1000RR can also be fitted with adapters for larger mirrors to ensure good rearward visibility, but who would be coming from there?’ says Schnitzer. Who indeed… :-)

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