Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Izh-1: Igor Chack's hybrid motorcycle concept

Izh-1 HybridIgor Chak
From top, left: The Izh-1 hybrid concept bike and its young creator, Igor Chak...
Izh-1 HybridIzh-1 HybridIzh-1 Hybrid

Born in the city of Vladivostok, in Russia, Igor Chak has lived in Japan and in the US, and has a degree in industrial design from the Art Institute of Seattle. He loves bikes apparently and dreams of being a professional motorcycle designer someday, hence this – the Izh-1 hybrid motorcycle concept.

‘My fascination with motorcycles is not purely with its aesthetics – it’s with the machine within the aesthetics, the technology that you interact with,’ says Chack, who’s now 26 years old. ‘Our streets stay about the same size but become more populated, which means more pollution and more traffic. That’s why I believe that the motorcycle and its evolution will be a key factor for commuters,’ he adds.

The Izh-1 has been designed around an 850cc V-twin engine, which is built with reinforced, heat-resistant plastic components. And since this is an hybrid, it also has an electric motor that’s mounted inside the rear wheel. Working together, the engine and electric motor are capable of delivery up to 34km/l in terms of fuel efficiency.

Izh-1 HybridIzh-1 HybridIzh-1 HybridIzh-1 Hybrid

Other interesting bits on the Izh-1 include an automatic transmission, magnetic brakes (?!?) with a hydraulic back-up system, dual airbags and a front fork that’s been designed to function as a ‘crumple zone’ in the event of a head-on collision. There is also, of course, traction control, ABS, a proximity regulating radar system that works together with a front facing on-board camera, augmented night vision capabilities, GPS navigation and full compatibility with a range of mobile devices.

Ten years from now, is this what the motorcycle is going to look like? I suppose we’ll have the answer to that in the year 2020.

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