Thursday, August 26, 2010

Electronics on bikes: Would you or wouldn’t you?

MZ 150 Ducati
Bikes. Not what they used to be...

SuperBike magazine recently carried out a survey to find out what percentage of riders want electronics on their motorcycles and the results, at least for us, are quite surprising. While we can understand that a mere 7% of all riders who participated in the survey wanted switchable fuel maps and only 14% wanted a quickshifter, what surprise us is that just 11% said yes to adjustable traction control and a miniscule 22% said they’d want anti-lock brakes. More encouraging is the fact that while 16% said they wanted no electronics at all, 30% said they’d want all of it.

While we definitely don’t like technologies that take significant amounts of control away from the rider (linked brakes and automatic transmissions, for example…), we’re all for ABS and, on 180bhp litre-class sportsbikes, adjustable traction control. Faster and safer? Hey, why not…

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