Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chris Pfeiffer: “I’m scared of railway crossings!”

chris pfeiffer chris pfeiffer
Fearless? Pah! Show Mr Pfeiffer a snake or a railway crossing and he'll show you a clean pair of heels. But on his BMW F800R, the man is a stunt god...
chris pfeiffer chris pfeiffer
chris pfeiffer chris pfeiffer

BMW-riding motorcycle stunt god Chris Pfeiffer was in Mumbai a few months ago, where FHM India magazine caught up with the man for a quick chat. Here are some excerpts from what Chris had to say:

On the bikes he got started with, when he was a kid

I started riding when I was very young [and my first bikes were] a Sachs 100 and a Zundapp with a sidecar.

On his BMW F800R stunt bike being a bit heavy

You have to understand that weight is not always a disadvantage – it also helps to stabilize the bike in a lot of tricks. There are so many tricks that are almost impossible on a small bike. I do use my Beta streetbike [for a few tricks] but still prefer the bigger BMW for typical stunt riding. Besides, it’s more spectacular to ride a big bike!

On whether stunt riding ever scares him anymore

Yeah, definitely! There are some situations during riding that can be scary. Besides, I’m scared of snakes and railway crossings. Fear sharpens your senses and you should not disrespect it. In stunting, you need to be smart, not a daredevil who who goes for it without thinking.

On falling down

When you fall, you have to stand up and try again. Practice, practice, practice… it’s very important to practice a lot. The most important thing is to be dedicated. I think when you really want something, your dream can come true.

On the attention he gets from the ladies

I’m married, so there’s not much to mention here. Some women love people with a freestyle spirit and maybe some don’t. But it’s not a bad thing to attract girls!

Mr Pfeiffer shows us why he's a better rider than most of us can ever hope to be in our wildest dreams. The man is just unbelievable. Chris, you rock!!!

Interview by Sarmad Kadiri of BIKE India magazine, for FHM India

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