Monday, September 13, 2010

Lucy Pinder gets it off... a Yamaha R1!

Speaking of getting it off, Ms Pinder does a pretty decent job of getting the grime off that Yamaha R1. We're sure you're now thinking of that crossplane crankshaft...
Lucy Pinder Yamaha R1 Lucy Pinder Yamaha R1 Lucy Pinder Yamaha R1 Lucy Pinder Yamaha R1 Lucy Pinder Yamaha R1 Lucy Pinder Yamaha R1

We know it’s a bit cheesy and we understand that most Yamaha R1 owners are never going to get Ms Pinder to wash their pride and joy. And yet, we quite love this video and the pics that go with it. Who wouldn’t?

Created as part of Bennetts’ 80th Birthday celebrations, the video shows celeb model Lucy Pinder getting to grips with cleaning an R1. And to make things even more interesting, Ms Pinder is joined by two members of this year’s Bennetts Babes squad – Charlotte Toon and Stephanie Hall.

’Having launched the search for the Bennetts Babes in 2006, it’s great to be back and working alongside this year’s squad in the Bennetts Bikini Bike Wash video. Despite being put through our paces, the video was a lot of fun to make and I hope everyone has as much fun watching as we had making it,’ says Lucy.

Well, we certainly enjoyed watching the video, so we caught up with Ms Pinder for a quick chat. Here are some excerpts:

F&F: Lucy, do you think bikers are a bit more exciting than than car drivers?

LP: I don't know about them being necessarily more exciting but I think you definitely have to be a lot more daring - or plain crazier - to jump on a high speed motorcycle than to get behind the wheel of a supercar!

F&F: Can you ride a motorcycle? Do you prefer cruisers or fast, powerful sportsbikes? What's your current no.1 favourite motorcycle and why?

LP: I have never been brave enough! If I could muster up the courage I would much prefer to be on one that was lightning quick, I'm a bit of a speed junkie. I'd have to say my favourite bike at the moment is a Yamaha R1 after spending so long getting it looking pristine clean for the Bennetts ad!

F&F: Do you watch MotoGP? If yes, who's your favourite MotoGP rider, and why?

LP: I do follow the MotoGP a bit. My favourite rider is Valentino Rossi. He is such a talented, instinctive rider and the way he is bouncing back so successfully after his injury is extremely admirable.

F&F: Have you been to the Isle of Man ? Would you want to ride a motorcycle there?

LP: I've never been to the Isle of Man but would love to go on the pillion seat around the TT track, on a super fast bike!

F&F: What do you like about Faster and Faster?

LP: I like that from a motorcycle fan's perspective there is something for everyone on your site, from interviews and information on motorsport, concept bikes to articles on classic bikes, there's everything you could ever want to know about motorcycles!
...and for fans of Lucy Pinder, here are some of her older pics, with a Ducati 999!

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