Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mick Doohan: “You need to unsettle the Rossi-JB combination…”

Mick Doohan Jeremy Burgess
Doohan says that Honda and Yamaha should have tried harder to break the Rossi-Jeremy Burgess partnership...

Speaking to MCN, five-time (1994-1998) 500cc motorcycle GP racing world champ Mick Doohan has said that Honda and Yamaha should have tried harder to break up the Valentino Rossi-Jeremy Burgess partnership, which has already won seven premier class world titles in MotoGP. ‘If I was Yamaha or more importantly Honda, I’d been offering JB and that crew anything it took to get them away from Valentino, to undermine that operation,’ said Mick.

‘You need to unsettle that combination. JB has proven his worth. He’s got lots of world championships under his belt so he’s worth every cent. It’s a cheap investment by the other teams to try and do that. It just makes sense. Even if it was another one or two million dollars on top of what the budget for the year is going to be, for them to have the chance of winning the championship, to spend that extra bit to win is worth every cent,’ added Doohan.

With 78 premier class wins (and counting…) in MotoGP, Rossi is already one of the most successful racers in the history of motorcycle grand prix racing. And The Doctor, who’ll be 32 years old in February 2011, doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon. Sure, he’s having to fight harder than ever before for race wins, but time and again Rossi has proved he’s up to the task of taking on younger riders like Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner. The wily old master can quite hold his own against anyone and with his move from Yamaha to Ducati in 2011, he’s likely to be hungrier and better motivated than he was this year.

With Jeremy Burgess and crew backing the Ducati-Rossi team, can The Doctor win yet another MotoGP world championship? YES!



Anonymous said...

is it confirmed??JB leaving to Ducati along wit Vale??

jake318 said...

Its been confermed. Im surpised that the general consensus is that at the age of 32 Rossi has gotten Too old to compete and win at the top level. People have forgotten that rossi was still consistantly the fastest rider on the track befoe the leg/shoulder injury. Orthoscopic surgury on Rossis shoulder is a fast healing injury but Tight testing scheduals are the only thing i can see as a major obstical in the yamaha/Ducati transfer

Anonymous said...

Really sure?
Maybe the reason why Valentino had many more difficulties in setting up the bike as compare to Lorenzo in recent times has something to do with the old school approach of Burgess and co.

Skeet said...

Anyone who thinks Rossi is done winning championships knows nothing about TRUE talent. Brain against braun trumps everytime. Jore is good no doubt, stoner and Pedrosa are real threats. But the MASTER will school them. And dont be surprised if its his 1st year on Ducati that he does it. Yeah he's that good.

Anonymous said...

Oh the power of hindsight. None of the prophecies proved true in the end. Rossi, as good a rider as he is was nowhere near competitive the whole year despite JB's assistance. Casey was near on invincible for most of the season with only minor threats coming from his team-mate, Pedrosa and Lorenzo on the Yamaha. Next year? Pedrosa will be a challenger but Stoner will be the champ. Rossi unfortunately will fall even further behind as will Lorenzo. RIP Simmo

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