Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quadro 3D, 4D: The three- and four-wheeled bikes that can’t be crashed!

Motorcycle safety? Forget ABS and traction control, get two more wheels for your bike!

Quadro Tecnologie s.r.l., an Italian company founded by the Marabese family, are showcasing two brand-new motorcycles (if three- and four-wheeled vehicles can be called motorcycles…) that appear to be quite uncrashable. Watch the video above and see the bikes being ridden on wet surfaces, and you’ll understand why we think these bikes – especially the 4D – seem to be quite uncrashable.

Quadro Tecnologie s.r.l. will unveil the Quadro 3D (two wheels at the front, one at the back) and Quadro 4D (two wheels each at the front and rear) bikes at the EICMA Show in Milan, in November this year. These bikes, which are a part of the company’s ‘Quadro Suite’ of vehicles, will be launched in Europe between 2011 to 2014. The first bike to go on sale will be the Quadro 3D, followed by the Quadro 4D. There will also be hybrid/electric variants and an off-road machine as well.

The Quadro 3D and 4D will feature a high-tech hydraulic tilting system (HTS) that features independently sprung wheels that can all tilt in tandem, allowing the bikes to be ridden in ways that would be near impossible on a conventional two-wheeled motorcycle. We think the Quadro 4D is simply brilliant – we’re in love with this bike already! It has a place in our ‘dream garage,’ where it’ll be parked between our Aprilia RSV4 Factory and BMW S1000RR
The Quadro 4D is just so totally COOL!!! The 3D isn't bad either...

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