Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ducati 9½: A tribute to Ducati’s racing singles

Ducati 9½: Ducati 9½: Ducati 9½:
The Ducati 9½ sure looks good...
Ducati 9½: Ducati 9½: Ducati 9½: Ducati 9½:

Built as a ‘tribute’ to Ducati’s single-cylinder racebikes of yore, this ST2-based Ducati 9½ looks pretty cool. It has a host of mods that include a chassis, fork and front wheel from a Monster 900, rear wheel and electrical wiring from a 916, Laser exhaust, RAD 02 Cafe Racer solo seat and clip-ons and front mudguard made of lightweight aluminium. The ST2 engine has been tuned for improved power delivery.

As you might expect, outright performance from a bike like this isn’t likely to be outstandingly brilliant. But at least in terms of styling, we think this Ducati 9½ works very well indeed.

Via Radical Ducati


78ss said...

There should always be a single in Ducatis production line up. The single is an important part of their history which should not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

It is overdue for Ducati to produce a modern single, they would absolutely sell all they could produce. Bmw has had great success with the 650 and Ducati would also..

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