Friday, October 08, 2010

Wunderlich BMW S1000RR Piranha: It bites!

A naked BMW S1000RR? That's the Wunderlich Piranha for you...

For those who want a German naked with a bit more bite than the BMW K1300R, Wunderlich have built the one-off S1000RR-based Piranha. ‘True to the maxim that less is more, the Wunderlich Piranha is a more aggressive predator with extra speed and bite [and sets] new standards in handling and performance,’ claims their website. Yes, that’s hyperbole and, yes, the Piranha is little more than an S1000RR with the stock fairing replaced with a skimpier one and a few fancy bits bolted on. And yet, until the time BMW build the inline-six-powered K1600R, the Piranha should do.

Designed by Wunderlich’s Nicolas Petite, the S1000RR Piranha gets a carbonfibre mini-fairing, Xenon headlamps, aftermarket exhaust, tubular handlebar, adjustable footrests and brake/clutch levers, six-spoke PVM wheels and an Öhlins steering damper. The bike is 8kg lighter than a regular S1000RR, which should do no harm to the already impressive power-to-weight ratio.

We’d much rather wait for BMW to build a K1600R, but for those who can’t wait to get the kit off their S1000RR, you can get more details on the Piranha here

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