Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wunderlich F800GS Light, optimised for off-road use

Wunderlich F800GS Light Wunderlich F800GS Light
The lighter, more powerful Wunderlich F800GS Light...
Wunderlich F800GS Light Wunderlich F800GS Light

‘Never lacking in bite,’ say Wunderlich about their new F800GS Light. ‘Reduced weight, improved power characteristics and previously undreamt-of riding characteristics, opening up new dimensions to the more ambitious rider,’ they add.

Dismissing the stock BMW F800GS as ‘meek and mild,’ Wunderlich have made a number of changes to the bike – an optimised engine management system for improved power delivery and better acceleration, 30kg weight reduction, Xenon headlamps, high-performance exhaust system and custom-built bodywork made of plastic and Kevlar.

The Wunderlich F800GS does away with ABS (because it was deemed ‘completely incompatible with sports use’) and gets an Öhlins rear shock and ‘Intermediate’ off-road sports tyres from Continental. For the committed off-road rider, the bike may indeed make more sense than the stock GS. More details on the Wunderlich website

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Anonymous said...

If they continue with its Marzochi "diving" front suspensión,the fantastic job of Wunderlich is half done.

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