Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2011 Honda CB600F unveiled

2011 Honda CB600F 2011 Honda CB600F
The 2011 Honda CB600F remains a nice, useful motorcycle, just as before...
2011 Honda CB600F 2011 Honda CB600F

Honda claim the CB600F Hornet is ‘undoubtedly one of Europe’s most influential middleweight naked motorcycles.’ Umm... yeah, well, we like the bike too. ‘It has always presented its own unique package of sporty performance and light, user-friendly handling. The CB600F’s versatile power, comfort and convenience make it popular among riders who want a practical motorcycle that’s both easy and enjoyable to ride, while its contemporary naked styling ensures its popularity among fashion-conscious riders,’ says a press release from Honda, and we agree with most of that.

For 2011, Honda have made minor tweaks to the CB600F package, which now includes a new integrated unit for the headlamp and instrument pod, revised, thinner tail unit and new colours that include white and yellow. Honda’s C-ABS is available as an option on the CB600F.

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