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2011 Honda CBR600F: First official pics, specs

2011 Honda CBR600F 2011 Honda CBR600F 2011 Honda CBR600F
Yes, we quite like the 2011 Honda CBR600F!
2011 Honda CBR600F 2011 Honda CBR600F 2011 Honda CBR600F

When it was first introduced back in 1987, the Honda CBR600F was a nice, very usable combination of performance and practicality. Successive versions became increasingly focused, choosing to concentrate more on performance and not as much on more mundane concerns like ergonomics, ride comfort and everyday practicality. With the 2003 CBR600RR, the transformation was complete – the CBR600 became a hard-core sportsbike rather than an all-purpose all-rounder.

For 2011, Honda are one again introducing a 600cc sportsbike that actually isn’t a hardcore ‘RR’ model – the CBR600F. Built around Honda’s ‘total control’ concept, the CBR600F has been engineered to provide a combination of near-supersports levels of performance, combined with refinement, practicality and long-distance comfort.

‘The stunning design of the CBR600F will appeal to riders who love the track-bred look of the CBR600RR but cannot justify its unflinching focus on performance,’ says a press release from Honda. ‘And, being based on the hugely versatile chassis and engine package of the CB600F Hornet, the CBR600F will also attract riders who demand comfort from their motorcycle. Because for all its performance and style, the CBR600F is also a desirable bike to own and to live with, offering outstanding reliability and fuel economy,’ it adds.

The 2011 CBR600F is fitted with the 100bhp 599cc inline-four from the Hornet 600, a mono-backbone aluminium chassis, adjustable 41mm USD fork, adjustable monoshock rear suspension, combined-ABS, digital instrumentation and ergonomics designed for all-day use. With Honda’s ‘mass centralisation’ design, the CBR600F is supposed to offer almost perfectly neutral handling so that the bike remains suitable for the occasional trackday.

We quite like the new CBR600F – it looks like a usable, well thought out motorcycle that’s much better than some other recent Honda machines like the overwrought VFR1200F or the 2011 Crossrunner. This one is more like it, Honda, so keep ’em coming!

2011 Honda CBR600F 2011 Honda CBR600F 2011 Honda CBR600F
All right, so it's a Hornet 600 with a fairing, and what's so terrible about that...

Official promo video for the 2011 Honda CBR600F

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