Friday, November 05, 2010

2011 KTM Supermoto 990 SMT gets ABS
The 2011 KTM Supermoto 990 SMT remains one of the most versatile sportsbikes ever...

KTM are now showing the 2011 Supermoto 990 SMT, perhaps one of the most versatile sportsbikes in the world, which is now available with anti-lock brakes that were developed by Bosch. The ABS system can be switched off for off-road use. ‘An ABS braking system tailored specifically for the requirements of the SMT makes for perfect deceleration under any conditions, rendering the 990 the Queen of negative acceleration without sacrificing any of its vigour,’ claims a press release from KTM.

The KTM Supermoto 990 SMT’s 75-degree V-twin produces 115 horsepower – adequate for the bike’s 197kg kerb weight. The SMT’s other talents include precise steering and high-spec suspension for nimble, crisp handling, Brembo brake components with twin 305mm brake discs and four-piston callipers at the front, high-gloss paint (available colours include orange, white and black) and a wide range of touring-oriented accessories from the factory.

Production of the new KTM Supermoto 990 SMT will begin in February 2011. Pricing and availability details will be announced shortly.

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