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2011 Morgan Threewheeler announced
Computer renderings of what the 2011 Morgan Threewheeler will look like...

...and the real thing, in action!

The UK-based Morgan Motor Company have announced that they will once again launch a three-wheeled vehicle – the Morgan Threewheeler – in 2011. Designed by one Harry Morgan, the original Morgan Threewheeler was manufactured from 1090-1953, during which period more than 30,000 units of this vehicle were sold in Europe. The Morgan Threewheeler, a lightweight, practical and fuel-efficient car for the city, was also reasonably successful on the racetrack and could lap the banked Brooklands circuit in the UK at an average speed of more than 160km/h. ‘My Morgan was a great babe magnet,’ said Sir Stirling Moss, who actually owned one of these things. Even Jay Leno owns a 1930s Morgan Threewheeler and says it can still holds its own on the freeway, though at 80mph it feels more like it’s doing 180mph...

Next year, Morgan are all set to relaunch the Threewheeler with modern mechanicals. The Threewheeler will be fitted with a ‘Screaming Eagle’ 1,800cc twin-cylinder engine from Harley-Davidson, mated to a five-speed gearbox from Mazda. Weighing less than 500 kilos, the Morgan Threewheeler will feature a tubular steel chassis, aerodynamic and lightweight bodywork made of aluminium, leather-padded vintage aircraft-style cockpit and basic instrumentation. ‘The feeling of freedom and contact with the road through the front wheels will bring to mind the joy of driving cars from the 20s and 30s, but with none of their fragility or temperament,’ claims a press release from Morgan.

With about 100bhp from its Harley engine, the Morgan Threewheeler will be able to accelerate from zero to 96km/h in 4.5 seconds and will hit a top speed of about 185km/h. Oh, and it will be homologated as a three-wheeled motorcycle rather than as a car, so it quite deserves to be on Faster and Faster!

Pricing and availability details to be announced soon.

Via Autoblog

An original Morgan Threewheeler from the 1930s...

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