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2011 MV Agusta F3: First official pics, specs

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The 2011 MV Agusta F3 is fitted with a 675cc inline three-cylinder engine...

It seems MV Agusta are simply unable to move on from the decade-old F4 styling penned by Massimo Tamburini in the late-1990s. While the 2011 MV F3 is an all-new motorcycle, its lines remain recognisably F4-derived. That it looks like a scaled-down version of one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever produced might not necessarily be a bad thing, but come on, MV, couldn’t you have tried harder to make the new machine look a bit more different...?

Anyway, when it goes on sale next year, the 2011 MV Agusta F3 will be the smallest, lightest machine in the MV line-up. The F3’s all-new 675cc inline three-cylinder engine features an advanced engine management system, ride-by-wire throttle control and even a traction control system. The chassis also borrows from the F4 and is the same kind of steel tube trellis / aluminium side plates hybrid that MV owners know and love so well. Apart from that, there’s the single-sided swingarm, adjustable USD Marzocchi fork, adjustable Sachs monoshock, and Brembo brake discs with Nissin radial-mount callipers at the front.

MV haven’t quoted a power figure for the new F3, but we expect that triple to produce something in the region of 110-120bhp at the rear wheel, which can’t be too bad for a light, nimble sportsbike like this. With its host of electronics, capable chassis/suspension package and revvy three-cylinder engine, the MV Agusta F3 should be a lot of fun to ride. And we’re sure that within the next few months, MV will also unveil at least one and maybe two naked-style machines with this 675cc triple, which should definitely provide a much-needed boost to the company’s sales figures.

Good to see that despite the odds stacked against him, Claudio Castiglioni is keeping MV alive and kicking. Go for it, Claudio. We wish you all the best!

An interview with Adrian Morton, the MV Agusta F3's designer
2011 MV Agusta F3 2011 MV Agusta F3
2011 MV Agusta F3 2011 MV Agusta F3 2011 MV Agusta F3
2011 MV Agusta F3 2011 MV Agusta F3

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78ss said...

They were wise not to change the styling, just look what happened to Ducati when they dropped the 916 for the 999. The F3 looks stunning, dont mess with perfection!

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