Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2011 Travertson V-Rex 2 announced
If you always wanted an Ostrich leather seat on your motorcycle, your prayers have been answered!

Built in Florida, in the US, Travertson motorcycles feature the Harley V-Rod’s engine and styling from outer space. You’re probably already familiar with the V-Rex and now, the company has announced the 2011-spec V-Rex 2, which comes with an iPod dock, chrome wheels (with transparent acrylic spokes) and swingarm, Xenon light, a lot of LEDs and, er... even as Ostrich leather seat. And if you must ask, the bike costs a mere US$53,990.

For filthy rich rappers, Travertson are offering options like a custom paint, LED turnsignals, a digital speedometer, engraved fuel cap and even a chrome ‘tank strap’ decorated in crystal Swarovsky letters of your choice. If you find that interesting, you could visit the Travertson website for more details.


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Brandon said...

I would only come out at night on that thing. It's horrific, but it actually looks pretty cool at night.

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