Wednesday, November 03, 2010

BMW Concept C: The future of scootering, the German way
Expect to see a production-spec scooter from BMW, based on this Concept C, next year

After the late, great C1 (yes, we quite loved the BMW C1!), BMW are now having another go at building a futuristic scooter. Oh, well, the Concept C is still just a concept, but we suppose the Germany company is quite likely to be ready with the production version of this scooter by the end of next year.

BMW Motorrad are keen to have a ‘big scooter’ in their line-up because it would make business sense. ‘These high displacement vehicles with dynamic handling characteristics have gained considerable popularity all over the world. Moreover, they present an interesting alternative to returnees who up to now were undecided about motorcycles after long periods of abstinence,’ says a press release from BMW, describing why the Germans may want to get into the large scooters segment.

BMW’s production-spec scooter will be fitted with a parallel-twin engine, continuously variable transmission (CVT) and anti-lock brakes. The concept bike has bits like an LED headlamp and rear-view video cameras (with video streams going to twin LCD monitors at the front, which the rider can watch), which may or may not make it to the production version.

In terms of technology, the BMW Concept C isn’t as interesting as some Italian and French scooters, but for those who must have a German-made scooter that’s practical and safe, if a bit boring, BMW are likely to have something for you in their showrooms in 2011...

This video explains the rationale behind the BMW Concept C
BMW Concept C BMW Concept C BMW Concept C BMW Concept C BMW Concept C

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