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Kevin Carmichael: “The 2011 Triumph Speed Triple is easier to drift…”

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If you can ride even has as well as Kevin Carmichael, the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple may well be the best sportsbike in the world for you...!

For their January 2011 issue, Motorcycle Sport & Leisure spoke to Triumph’s stunt rider Kevin Carmichael and asked him what he thinks of the 2011 Speed Triple. Here are some excerpts from what Kevin had to say about the machine:

On how the 2011 Speed Triple compares with its predecessor

All around, it’s a much better bike. You can definitely feel more weight up at the front end, which enhances the bike’s handling abilities. The new weight distribution also helps me to perform stunts and control them; it’s definitely made drifting the machine a lot easier. Overall, you can still tell the bike’s a Speed Triple but it just seems a lot more focused.

On how the 2011 Speed Triple compares to other bikes for stunt riding

The Street Triple is undoubtedly the best stunt bike in the world and the new Speed Triple has a similar feel to the Street Triple, only with a little more power and slightly more weight. The brakes are phenomenal and the smooth, linear power delivery makes life so much easier. There’s a direct correlation between the throttle and the rear wheel, which is something that so many other bikes lack. Basically, it’s a world class machine and other manufacturers are really going to struggle to compete with it.

On how his stunt bike will be different from the stock machine

It will be exactly the same as the production model. I’ll even keep the lights in place because the weight over the front end really aids the performance. That’s a testament to how fantastic a machine this new bike is. I love it!

These excerpts are from the January 2011 issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine. Please visit their website here

Kevin Carmichael shows his stuff on the old Speed Triple...

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