Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mike’s Bikes: 330 Pro-Street
We'd take any excuse, including the bike you see here, to feature that model - Tiffany - on this website. That lady is smoking hot!!

Based in California, 45-year-old Mike has been customising motorcycles for the last three decades. When he was 15, he started riding in the 250cc and then 500cc motocross and also developed a passion for customising cars and motorcycles. Mike, whose work has been featured in various magazines, likes to call his creations “ladytamer” choppers. He says his designs remind him of a beautiful woman's body, full of great lines, curves, long legs and packed with attitude. Ahem.

The machine you see here is the 330 Pro-Street and we think it doesn’t look too bad. Especially with that hot model – Tiffany – draped all over the bike. Actually, if we're honest, custom cruisers don't really work for us, but Tiffany sure does... :-)
Mike calls his bikes "ladytamer" choppers. Er... yeah, well...


Nelson said...

That girl is smoking!!!
Anybody knows her full name?

Anonymous said...

She gives new meaning to the word
Wallpaper, Screen Saver. She has a fetching provocative innocence that is wonderfully unique. Sex
appeal personified, no tats, no rings, just all herself, and those shoes? Gawd, what would Ben Hur have thought!!!!
NYP797, Queens, NY

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