Friday, December 17, 2010

Valentino Rossi slips to 7th place on SI’s list of highest-paid athletes

With an annual pay packet of US$35 million, Valentino Rossi is at 7th place on the list of the world's highest paid non-US athletes. So maybe he should pay for the next round of beers then, eh?

Last year, The Doctor stood at fifth place on Sports Illustrated magazine’s list of the world’s highest-paid (non-US)athletes. In 2009, Valentino Rossi earned about US$35 million and took joint fifth place on the list, along with F1 driver Fernando Alonso.

In 2010, The Doctor still took home $35 million but that is now only good for 7th place on the SI list of the world's highest-paid non-US athletes (Rossi is in 13th spot if US athletes are also included). On top is Golfer Tiger Woods, with an annual pay packet of $90.5 million, followed by Tennis player Roger Federer ($62 million) and prize fighter Floyd Mayweather ($60 million) in second and third places respectively.

However, Rossi still earned more money this year than NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. ($26 million), Tennis hottie Maria Sharapova ($20 million) and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton ($16.5 million). He also made more money than the publishers of Faster and Faster, who probably made all of $0.006 million in 2010. Here’s looking at 2011 now...

Via Sports Illustrated

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