Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Yamaha FZ8, Fazer8: Official pics, specs released

Yamaha FZ8Yamaha Fazer FZ8
Top, from left: The 2010 Yamaha FZ8 and Fazer8...
Yamaha Fazer FZ8Yamaha Fazer FZ8Yamaha FZ8

Adding to their Fazer / FZ line-up, which until now consisted of the Fazer FZ1 and FZ6, Yamaha have released pics and specs of the new FZ8 and Fazer8 machines, which are fitted with a new 779cc four-cylinder engine that produces 106 horsepower and 82Nm of torque.

With its cast aluminium chassis (that uses the engine as a stressed member) and swingarm, 43mm USD fork, adjustable monoshock rear suspension that uses a progressive linkage and twin 310mm brake discs up front with four-piston monobloc callipers, the FZ8 / Fazer8 looks like an all-around capable package. The bike, according to Yamaha, has been designed who want something with a bit more power than a 600 and that’s not as intimidating as a full-house litre-class machine.

The FZ8 is all naked, while the Fazer8 has a half fairing and a windshield for better wind protection, which should be ideal for longer rides. The FZ8 is priced at 8,190 euros and the Fazer8 will cost 8,690 euros. A wide range of accessories – higher windshield, hard and soft luggage, heated grips and centrestand etc – will also be available for the bikes.

Yamaha Fazer FZ8Yamaha Fazer FZ8Yamaha Fazer FZ8
Yamaha Fazer FZ8Yamaha Fazer FZ8Yamaha FZ8
Yamaha FZ8Yamaha FZ8

Freddie Spencer’s Honda NS500, NSR250 up for sale!

A chance to buy Spencer's NS500 and NSR250 for your own private museum...

Today seems to be Honda Exotics Day. First we had a brand-new NR750 and an RC30 being uncrated after 20 years, and now it’s Freddie Spencer’s own championship winning 1983 NS500 and 1985 NSR250 bikes that are up for sale! ‘Both bikes will be sold as a pair only, will not separate. Both bikes are located in the USA. Serious inquires only,’ the advertisement says.

Freddie remains the only man to ever win 250cc and 500cc motorcycle grand prix racing world championships in the same year, which he did in 1985. The feat has never been emulated before or since. For someone with enough money in their bank account, this could be an incredible opportunity to buy a slice of motorcycle racing history.

For more details, visit RMD Motors


Pics of Freddie Spencer and his bikes, and some videos where he talks about motorcycle racing...

Brand-new Honda NR750, RC30 to go on display at Stockholm dealership

A brand-new NR750 comes out of the crate for the first time, two decades after it was built. Could this really be happening...?!

Most people would find it very hard to believe that after all these years, someone, somewhere, could still have a brand-new, unused Honda NR750 and RC30 stowed away in their basement. And yet, Bent Gunnarson, who owns a motorcycle warehouse in Stockholm, Sweden, does have both of these legendary motorcycles, which he kept in his basement for the last two decades. The bikes were taken out of their original boxes only recently and will now be put on display at a Honda showroom in Stockholm.

Buying an RC30 and an NR750 and keeping them locked away in a basement is something we simply can’t understand. To own motorcycles like these and not ride them, touch them, look at them for 20 years is just plain weird… and a bit sad.

Anyway, what’s next we wonder? Maybe Mr Gunnarson also has an RC45 locked away somewhere…? :-D

Via Hell for Leather

Some pics of the Honda NR750...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade riding impression

2010 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR2010 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR
Can the 'Blade still hack it in the face of newer, more aggressive competition...?
2010 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR2010 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR2010 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR

When it comes to litre-class superbikes, the BMW S1000RR, Aprilia RSV4 and the Yamaha R1 are just about the hottest machines right now. And, of course, there’s the Ducati 1198R for those who’d rather have an Italian V-twin rather than a four-cylinder engine.

So where does that leave older bikes like the Honda Fireblade? For a long time, the CBR1000RR has been one of the best all-around sportsbikes that work equally well on the track and the street. Honda have made some improvements to the 2010-spec ’Blade to make sure the bike doesn’t fall too far behind its newer, harder-edged competition. Motociclismo recently tested the 2010 CBR1000RR and here are some excerpts from what they have to say about the bike:

The Honda CBR1000RR won the Masterbike in 2008 and last year it got C-ABS, a significant safety feature which has proved really useful on the street. For 2010, Honda have made some improvements to the engine and made the power delivery more progressive and less abrupt.

On our dyno, the 2010 CBR1000RR produced 175 horsepower at 12,000rpm, compared to 168bhp at 12,200rpm for the 2009 model. The suspension works very well and the bike is very stable at high speeds, allowing you to accelerate hard out of fast bends. The HESD steering damper adapts to road / track conditions automatically and works flawlessly in all situations.

The new Fireblade’s gearbox is very precise and the brakes are excellent, even though our test bike was not fitted with the C-ABS system. Build quality is consistently high and vibration is virtually non-existent. The only thing is, the riding position is quite track-oriented and while the Fireblade can still be used and even be enjoyed on the street, it never lets you forget that it has primarily been designed for the racetrack…

For the full story, please visit Motociclismo

2010 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR2010 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR2010 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR
Is the Fireblade still one of the best all-around sportsbikes? Probably, yes...