Thursday, March 25, 2010

EN-V Concept: General Motors unveils an electric scooter!

The EN-V, a two-wheeled electric scooter (all right, they claim it's a concept car) from GM...

General Motors, along with their Chinese partner Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC), have unveiled their new concept vehicle – the EN-V – which they say is an electric car for urban areas. However, since the EN-V rides on just two wheels, we suppose it would only be fair to call it a fully enclosed electric scooter

The GM EN-V (short for Electric Networked-Vehicle) two-wheeled, two-seater electric vehicle was shown in three flavours – Jiao (Pride), Miao (Magic) and Xiao (Laugh). All three concepts will be on display at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, which starts on the 1st of May this year.

‘The EN-V reinvents the automobile through the convergence of electrification and connectivity. It provides an ideal solution for urban mobility that enables future driving to be free from petroleum and emissions, free from congestion and accidents, and more fun and fashionable than ever before,’ says Kevin Wale, President and MD, GM China Group.

Based on a platform that was co-developed by Segway, the GM EN-V is powered by electric motors fitted in each of its two wheels. The vehicle uses ‘dynamic stabilization technology’ developed by Segway and remains upright on its own, without its occupants having to worry about the vehicle’s stability.

Power for the EN-V’s motors comes from a lithium-ion battery pack, which provides a range of at least 40km on one full charge. With GPS, onboard cameras and distance-sensing technologies, the EN-V can ‘see,’ sense what’s around it and drive itself – just punch in the coordinates of the place you want to go, and it’ll take you there. Probably.

While the GM EN-V is, of course, only a concept vehicle, we do believe it’s vehicles like these that will be the future of urban transport, especially in super-crowded cities in Europe and Asia. We actually wouldn’t mind one of these self-driving thingies for pottering around town, though we would, of course, still keep the S1000RR for Sunday mornings… :-)

The GM EN-V comes in three flavours - Jiao, Miao and Xiao. Can't beat that, eh...

Scomadi Turismo Leggera 250 runs wild…

Just thinking about riding this thing makes us laugh out loud...    :-D
Scomadi TL250Scomadi TL250Scomadi TL250

With its Lambretta styling, Piaggio engine and carbonfibre bodywork, the Scomadi Turismo Leggera 250 is rather unique and we quite like the way it looks. Handbuilt in the UK by Scomadi, the TL250 is fitted with a 250cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke Piaggio engine that kicks out 21 horsepower and 20Nm of torque.

The engine is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT), while the tubular space frame chassis is custom-built. Twin outboard Bitubo gas-assisted hydraulic shock absorbers, with adjustable spring preload, handle suspension duties at both ends and 175mm (front) and 220mm (rear) disc brakes take care of stopping the TL250. The scooter rides on 10-inch (front) and 12-inch (rear) wheels, shod with 100/90 and 130/70 tubless tyres.

The Scomadi TL250 weighs 117 kilos and has a fuel tank capacity of 11 litres. Scomadi are selling this scooter as a limited edition model in the UK. More details here and here

Scomadi TL250Scomadi TL250Scomadi TL250

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Faster and Faster: Join us on Facebook

Hi…! Just a quick note to say that Faster and Faster is now on Facebook and we’d love to connect with you on FB. Apart from the content we already have on the site, our FB page has lots more, in terms of photos, videos and links to interesting stories on the Web.

To those who’ve already joined us on FB, a big, hearty WELCOME! And to those who haven’t, hey, what are you waiting for? We want to know more about you, your bikes and your motorcycle-related projects. And we’d love to have you post your thoughts, views, ideas and comments on our FB page. You’re also welcome to post your pics, videos and anything else that’s related to motorcycles and life on two-wheels.

Finally, if you have any leads or story ideas for us, we’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes and hope to see you on FB soon!

Sameer Kumar
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buell 1125R-based Magpul Ronin looks magnificent!

Magpul RoninMagpul Ronin
The Buell 1125R-based Magpul Ronin looks totally cool...
Magpul RoninMagpul RoninMagpul Ronin

The Colorado, US-based Magpul have taken the Buell 1125R and transformed it into an intensely stylish, lust-inspiring sportsbike – the Ronin. An ‘experimental motorcycle project,’ the Ronin is Magpul’s vision of what the 1125R could have been.

The Magpul Ronin, according to its creators, pays homage to classics like the Vincent Black Shadow and to the cafĂ© racer and streetfighter cultures that so heavily influence its design. The bike’s most noticeable feature is its girder-style fork which, according to Magpul, has led to improvements in rigidity and tunability, and which provides a lighter and more responsive feel up front. And while that might be, we quite like the way it looks, along with the front-mounted radiator and the headlights that have been integrated into the girder fork.

The Magpul Ronin, which weighs about 22kg less than a stock 1125R, is currently an ongoing project and more changes may be incorporated into the bike as the project develops further. Also, there is no word on whether Magpul will ultimately produce a small batch of these bikes for those who may be interested in buying the Ronin. Either way, we have to say we love the way this bike looks. Very cool indeed!!

Magpul RoninMagpul RoninMagpul Ronin

Via Hell for Leather


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