Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BMW S1000RR Turbo: The Wrath of Jack

BMW S1000RR Turbo BMW S1000RR Turbo BMW S1000RR Turbo
A turbo'd, 350+ horsepower motorcycle for the street? Hmm...

We don’t personally know Jack Frost, but we wish we did. So we could borrow his turbocharged, 350+ horsepower BMW S1000RR for a brief spin around whatever racetrack we could find. Based in the UK, Jack owns Holeshot Racing and is apparently the kind of man who’d never be happy with a motorcycle that only produces a mere 190 horsepower. So, of course, he’s bolted on a modified Garret GT30-71 turbocharger on to his S1000RR, which now packs more than 350bhp and is happy to munch on V12-engined supercars when it’s in the mood for a light snack.

Since the BMW is already brimming with very high-tech electronics that control a multitude of the bike’s functions (everything from the ABS to traction control to power delivery...), fitting a turbo and a revised engine management system couldn’t have been an easy task. But with his engineering expertise and Holeshot Racing’s equipment and resources, Jack has managed to pull it off, creating the world’s first street-legal S1000RR Turbo in the process. It wasn’t cheap though – close to £16,500 was spent on building the bike. New bits include custom CP pistons, Carillo conrods, Bosch fuel pump, Motec M800 ECU (and a host of electronics to go with that), an Akrapovic exhaust system and dozens of other parts.

Does the BMW S1000RR need a turbocharger and 350bhp? No, it doesn’t. A 350bhp streetbike is probably a bit like one of these burgers. Even if you love burgers, these would probably be a bit excessive, eh? But we still envy Jack anyway. Just for one day, what sportsbike enthusiast wouldn’t want to have a blast on a turbo’d S1000RR...


Pulsurge said...

350.....oh boy! And bloody what we're riding here :'(

Anonymous said...

... and its for sale!!!
Offers near £30,000 will be accepted!

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