Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mission 200: Roland Sands’ 200bhp, 200mph motorcycle that’s based on a Victory cruiser

RSD Mission 200 RSD Mission 200
A V-twin Victory cruiser that packs 200bhp and that can do 320km/h? What's the world coming to...?!
RSD Mission 200 RSD Mission 200 RSD Mission 200

If you wanted to build a special that packed 200 horsepower and that could hit a top speed of 320km/h (200mph), what bike would you start with? Whatever bike you thought of, we’d bet it wasn’t the Victory Hammer, a cruiser fitted with a 1700cc, 100bhp V-twin. And yet, that’s exactly the bike that Roland Sands chose as the basis for his 200mph rocketship – the Mission 200.

Roland Sands sent the Victory Hammer’s engine to Lloydz Motor Workz for a host of modifications. Lloydz balanced and blueprinted the crank, rods and pistons, reworked the oiling system for better lubrication, ported and polished the heads, fitted oversized stainless steel valves and bolted on a Garrett turbocharger (with intercooler) to boost horsepower in a big way. And, as is only right for a high-performance bike, they’ve even converted it from belt- to chain-drive.

Lloydz have reprogrammed the bike’s fuel-injection system, fitted a power commander with boost control, and two secondary direct-injection injectors that work above 5lbs boost pressure. All of this needed more than 300 hours of work and the result was an engine that now produces 214 horsepower and a massive 328Nm of torque.

So now that they have a motorcycle with more than 200 horsepower, what’s next? ‘If you’re addicted to speed like we are, there’s a number in your head that you would like to get to. That number for us is 200,’ say RSD, on their website. ‘Project 200 is well on its way to being completed. We are aimed at an MPS (Modified Partial Streamlining) record and we are shooting for the 200mph mark,’ they add. We’re sure they’ll get there.

For more details, visit the RSD website here

The road to 200. Building a Victory V-twin cruiser-based special that's as powerful and as fast as a Hayabusa or ZZR1400 has to be pretty awesome stuff...!

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