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MotoMorphic JaFM: It’s about ‘standout,’ not ‘speed’

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Think the MotoMorphic JaFM is cool? You can have one, provided you're willing to shell out at least US$100,000 and above for the bike...
Pics: William Ross

We wrote about the MotoMorphic JaFM back in June 2008, when we published the first few pics of Jim Davis’ radical custom bike on Faster and Faster. Now, MotoMorphic have released more pics of the JaFM, which, with its outsized tyres and comically outlandish chassis, looks as over-the-top as ever.

Davis says the ‘inspiration’ for the JaFM came from streetfighters, fat tyres, American muscle cars and fighter planes. ‘Along with the massive visual impact of the MotoMorphic JaFM, there is a balance and congruity to the overall design. Overall, the bike functions exceptionally well, as a radical yet eminently rideable motorcycle that makes an undeniable statement about its owner and his/her individuality,’ claims the bike’s creator.

Oh, well, there’s more to the JaFM than its styling. The engine, for one. It’s a 998cc DOHC 8-valve Rotax V-twin, mated to a six-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch. The engine produces about 110bhp and 90Nm of torque, which we suppose should be just about adequate for a bike that weighs close to 250 kilos. Top speed is in excess of 160km/h and MotoMorphic admit that the JaFM is more about getting attention rather than going very fast. They also claim that the bike’s fully adjustable ergonomics make it quite comfortable to ride.

If you want a JaFM, MotoMorphic will tailor make one for you, though with a base price of US$100,000 you’d have to want one pretty bad. The bike comes with high-spec components: fully adjustable Ohlins fork and Penske shock, Brembo brakes, Dynojet Power Commander III with optimised mapping and optional bits like carbonfibre bodywork and components, Ostrich or Stingray hide upholstery, various CNC-machined aluminium bits, stainless steel brake and clutch lines, wave rotors, a rear-view camera system and many other toys.

Here's a video of the JaFM in action...

For more details, visit the MotoMorphic website here


Anonymous said...

Your head would have to be as fat as those tires, not to mention your wallet. It's just so stupid looking I'm sorry.

Paul said...

Of course anonymous would say that, criticism from anonymous is expected. Me, I own my comments, my name is Paul.

He/she either didn't read the article or just doesn't get it period. I have seen this thing on the most jaded motorycle street of all, Cannery Row during the Moto GP weekend in Monterey, CA. Every exotic thing from Tesi's, all kinds of custom Harley's, race replicas of all kinds, to stuff I have never heard of. Whether you like it or not, this bike even drew a crowd on Cannery Row, amazing. Every single custom bike made is, to some extent, meant to draw attention. This one trumps every bike on that point, and it works. We all know that nearly every custom HD does not work as a motorycle, let alone does it offer the chance to drag a knee!

Don't want one? Fine, don't buy one. But you can't deny they have succeeded in building something truly different that works.

Gilligan said...

I agree with the fat wallet, but I think stupid looking is a stretch. This thing is moto-art in my eye, and just like art......some people will love it, and some will hate it. There is no middle ground really, and I think thats RAD. I have seen this bike up close, and it is a sight to behold.

Jar said...


A train wreck is interesting and begs for spectating as well, the result less art and certainly different - but "not good" by any realistic measure.

"Balance and conruity", really? What bike is being discussed? Certainly not this pipe fitters dream, with a tampon for a seat.

Lest you perceive me to be all negative, swingarm has an interesting visual - seems like she's a heavy unit though. I also like the fork and brake selection, but that's about as far as I'm willing to go on this one.

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool as hell! How many bike do you see in the course of a week that you may recognize but never really look at? This bike is on par with all the changes that are happening in the world. When I first saw this video, I just thought of Robert Downey jr. riding it in the next Iron Man right away. So all the traditionalists, keep on digging what you are digging and anyone that wants to try something from Motomorphic you go for it!

It's a big world folks... and to all the haters out there..in the immortal words of Sir Keith and Mick

Get off of my cloud.

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