Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Motus MST unveiled, specs, high-res pics, video released

With its 161bhp V4 engine, the Motus MST is whole new American take on the modern sports-tourer. And though it's a pushrod engine, it's also equipped with high-tech GDI...

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, in the US, Motus have unveiled their much anticipated sports-tourer, the MST, which is fitted with the world’s first motorcycle engine featuring GDI (gasoline direct injection) technology. This 1,650cc V4 engine (which produces 161 horsepower and 165Nm of torque) has been developed by Pratt & Miller Engineering, and the bike was unveiled at their facility in New Hudson, Michigan. The Motus MST has also been shown at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, and is now headed to BikeWeek in Daytona Beach, Florida, for a public launch at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

‘We are so proud to show the world the MST series. We poured our hearts and souls into these motorcycles and hope that it shows in terms of the quality and character of the machines,’ says Motus President, Lee Conn. ‘The MSTs are exhilarating to ride – a very powerful experience unlike any other motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. There is usable power everywhere in the rev-range, excellent feedback from the road, very responsive to inputs and the sound of the KMV4 still gives me goose bumps every time one cranks,’ he adds.

The Motus MST and the higher-spec MST-R will go into production towards the end of this year. The machines are currently being tested by a team of engineers and the company’s co-founders, Lee Conn and Brian Case. ‘There is just no better way to make sure the MSTs meet our standards of durability, comfort, and performance than to personally ride the machines and iterate them as we identify issues,’ says Case, Vice President and Director of design.

‘When we started designing the ultimate, modern American streetbike, we realized quickly that we needed a purpose-built engine. We didn’t focus on maximum horsepower, we focused on heightening the rider experience at all speeds. To us, that means a lot of torque over a wide RPM range, low vibes, high efficiency and bulletproof durability. Enter the KMV4, a liquid cooled, 1,650cc V4 with gasoline direct injection,’ explains Case. ‘We hope the MST series will appeal to several kinds of riders. Some sportsbike riders are looking for more comfort without sacrificing performance. Some cruiser riders want better performance and would love to find an American alternative,’ he adds.

The Motus MST certainly looks interesting to us. It may not be as radical and red-hot-exciting as the other recent American sportsbike – the Buell 1190RS, but for those looking for an American alternative to, say, a Honda VFR1200F, the Motus MST just might be the answer to your prayers.

We’ll post details on pricing and availability as soon as those are available. In the meanwhile, you could take a look at the Motus website here

The bike being tested on the track...

Videos of the Motus MST in action...

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