Saturday, April 16, 2011

EBR 1190RS: Stick it to ’em, Erik

EBR 1190RS, possibly the greatest superbike ever built in the United States

Buell is no more, long live Erik Buell Racing (EBR). You just can’t keep some people down for very long. Harley-Davidson, in their infinite wisdom, chose to shut down the Buell Motorcycle Company, pretty much the only American company that made sportsbikes. But within two years, Erik Buell is back and he’s back with a bike that looks like it has the potential to blow the mirrors off the competition.

We are, of course, talking about the EBR 1190RS Carbon Edition that you see here, which is fitted with a 1190cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected V-twin engine from Rotax, heavily modified by EBR. Titanium valves, cams from the erstwhile Buell 1125RR superbike, conrods forged from high quality steel, lightweight pistons and a new airbox with almost twice the capacity compared to a Buell 1125R. With a wet weight of about 180 kilos and a power output of around 170-180bhp, the EBR 1190RS has been built to kick arse.

The EBR 1190RS will be raced for the first time in the US next month in the AMA Superbikes series and the street version is expected to go on sale by the end of this year. The 1190RS Carbon Edition, only 100 units of which will be built, is expected to be priced at more than US$40,000 though Erik Buell might do a cheaper ‘regular’ version of the bike later, perhaps in 2012.

We love the EBR 1190RS. Regardless of whether or not it does well in AMA Superbikes (and there seems to be no reason why it shouldn't do very well indeed...), the bike is living, breathing proof of the fact that with perseverance and hard work, any dream can be made to come true. Bravo!


bungle said...

seriously serious bike you got there Erik

Brady said...

I wrote up an article right after EB was canned at HD. I'm glad to see he's persevering, we need an american sportbike. I can't see how HD couldn't pull it off with such a determined and brilliant man behind it. Marketing?

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Rakhit said...

All I have to say is I MISS my XB9S!! I sold it several months before BUELL shut down for good assuming I would pick another newer model up in the near future. I actually called the gentlemen I sold my baby to buy it back and offered him a price more than what he gave me! Needless to say he knew he had a classic on his hand and, rightly so, refused. Whhhhhyyyyy WHY ah ahahaaaa!!! (Yes, that's a grown man crying). Well none the less I am incredibly happy to see Eric still around making a statement for not only him, but for our country well. In times of such economic woes he’s proving that Americans cannot only endure, but build still build top shelf, quality products. And that’s pure American blood right there. He's a master at what he does and I sincerely pray, and hope he decides to one day go commercial again. If he does, he has my next several paychecks because that XB9S gave me an experience on the road that I will never forget.

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