Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roman Parade marks Vespa’s 65th Anniversary

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The Vespa success story just keeps getting bigger and better...

Piaggio is celebrating Vespa’s 65th Anniversary this year, a milestone that was marked with a recent parade of Vespa scooters through the city of Rome. More than 17 million Vespa scooters have been sold worldwide in the last 65 years, making it one of the most successful vehicles made anywhere on the planet.

Piaggio sold an impressive 133,000 Vespa scooters in 2010, a nine percent hike over sales in 2009. Given that 50,000 Vespa scooters were sold in 2003, the current sales figure is definitely impressive, especially given that there is no dearth of cheaper competition from countries like Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and many others.

The Vespa success story is set to get bigger in 2012, with the Italian brand re-entering India, the second largest market in the world for powered two-wheelers. The Indian market is currently dominated by Honda and Suzuki scooters, and Vespa could give them a run for their money from next year onwards.

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