Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Road Racers: Joey Dunlop and motorcycle road racing in the 1970s

Joey Dunlop Joey Dunlop
Joey Dunlop Joey Dunlop
No ABS, traction control or other electronics here - this is motorcycle racing from the days when it was all right for riders to smoke, drink and chase girls. The Road Racers is simply fabulous!

The Road Racers, a documentary released in 1979, is a spectacular bit of filmmaking for those with fond memories of the days when motorcycle racers would nonchalantly smoke a cigarette, on the starting grid and in full view of television cameras, waiting for the bikes to be flagged off. 'The Road Racers goes behind the scenes and into the lives of road racers Frank Kennedy, Mervyn Robinson and Joey Dunlop. From the crackle of racing engines at full power during 'unofficial practice,' to the spectacular rider's eye view of racing on roads barely wide enough to take a car - this is the real thing,' says Duke, who'll sell the film to you for £19.99. But because of YouTube, you can watch the entire documentary right here (it's in four parts), for free. Enjoy!

The Road Racers - part 1

The Road Racers - part 2

The Road Racers - part 3

The Road Racers - part 4

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